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Trekking in Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash

Taullipampa 4200m Campsite, Santa Cruz Llanganuco circuit, Cordillera Blanca PeruSanta Cruz - Llanganuco

Santa Cruz – Llanganuco is the classic trek of the Cordillera Blanca and also the most popular, during the trekking you visit different Andean valleys finding in the trail many wild life animals and plants, as well as nice views of the mounts, lakes, etc. of this part of Cordillera Blanca, the circuit’s highest point is Punta Union 4750m a challenge for trekking lovers.

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Mitucocha 4250m Cordillera Huayhuash PeruThe Cordillera Huayhuash circuit, also called "Golden circuit of the Andes" is well known as one of the world's greatest treks. This mountain range is located approximately 50km south of the Cordillera Blanca and 250km north of Lima. The whole circuit involves 160 km of walking between altitudes of 2750 m and 5000m.

The Huayhuash contains spectacular rugged peaks including the second highest mountain in Peru, Yerupaja 6634 m and Siula Grande 6344m the mountain made famous by the Joe Simpson in the book and the movie “Touching The Void”.

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Cedros - Alpamayo

Alpamayo mount 4750m Seen from Quebrada Cedros, Cordillera Blanca PeruThis trek takes place in the northern part of the Cordillera Blanca, it is one of the toughest and longest hikes of the Cordillera Blanca, but the rewards are awesome: scenery, varied hiking conditions and a great feeling of accomplishment because it takes you near to Alpamayo mount, the unique pyramid shaped mountain, which has famously been declared "The world's most beautiful mountain" in a survey carried out by German alpinist and Writer Toni Hibelet. In his book “Mountains of our planet” published in 1975.

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Santa Cruz - UltaPunta Union pass, in Santa Cruz - Ulta circuit, Cordillera Blanca Peru

Cordillera Blanca has as many trekking options as valleys exist, Santa Cruz - Ulta circuit crosses different high passes in three ravines visiting in the way nice lakes as Hatuncocha, Ichiqcocha and Yanayacu lakes, mounts like Caraz, Chacraraju, Yanapaccha, Contrahierbas, Ulta Etc; tens of wild life animals and great diversity of plants.


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Huayhuash - Huanuco MarkaJahuacocha Cordillera Huayhuash Peru

There is another alternative starting point to do Huayhuash circuit in less days than the complete circuit takes, it is starting in Queropalca village, visiting in the way Huanuco Marka that used to be a Royal Palace of the Incas and the capital of the provinces bordering on the Andes, Carhuacocha, Mitucocha and Jahuacocha lakes; and we have the impressive views of Ninashanca, Rondoy, Hirishanca, Yerupupaja, Rasac mounts.

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Huayhuash - Raura

Viconga 440m campiste Cordillera Huayhuash y Raura PeruCordillera Huayhuash’s neighbor is Cordillera Raura an small mountain range of approximately 25 Km. It is possible to carry out these two mountain ranges in the same trip, in this way visiting the most important places of Cordillera Huayhuash such as: Jahuacocha, Mitucocha, Carahucocha, Viconga lakes; viewing almost all the mounts; and in Cordillera Raura visiting Laguna Surasaca the biggest lake in this mountain range and snow covered peaks such as: Quesillojanca, Yarupac, Cullcushjanca, etc.

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Yanayacu 4800m pass Cordillera Blanca PeruHonda - Ulta

This circuit permit us to visit the central part of Cordillera Blanca, a little known ravines but very interesting, because in the way we visit traditional towns like Vicos, Shilla and Chacas, where people’s customs time has not changed, and the impressive views of the mountains and the falling of avalanches. This trek provides one of the best opportunities for seeing condors in the Cordillera Blanca.

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Quilcayhuanca valley Cordillera Blanca PeruQuilcayhuanca - Cojup

There is short trek close to Huaraz which starts in Quilcayhuanca, a long valley situated in central part of Cordillera Blanca and continue via 4950m Choco pass from where can be seen mountains, lakes and also condors, getting after to Cojup valley. The interesting of this circuit is during the trekking days cannot be used pack animals, all equipment is carried by porters.

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Chavin de Huantar Cordillera Blanca PeruOlleros - Chavin

This trek takes place in southern part of Cordillera Blanca, also known as Llama trek . The circuit starts in Olleros village in Callejon de Huaylas and continue via 4700m Punta Yanashallash pass to get to Chavin de Huantar in Callejon de Conchucos, where is located the Ruins of the same, founded in 900 BC. Where we can see the El Lazon, Las Cabezas Clavas and the internal galleries.

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