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Mountaineering in Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash

Trekking & Climbing (Multielement trips)

Santa Cruz - Llanganuco circuit & Pisco mountPisco 5750 m Cordillera Blanca Peru

Santa Cruz - Llanganuco is one of the most popular circuits of Cordillera Blanca, in this circuit can be observed beautiful lakes as: Hatun cocha and Llanganuco, a big variety of flora and fauna; also We climb over Punta Union pass 4750 m.a.s.l. the highest pass of the circuit. Inside this trip we carry out an ascent to Pisco mount 5750 m. one of few snow-capped mountains of medium level; reaching the summit we will have the nicest views of Huascaran, Chacraraju, Huandoy mounts.

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Quilcayhuanca - Cojup circuit & Ishinca mountClimbing up Ishinca mount 5530m Cordillera Blanca Peru

Ishinca 5530m summit can be reached also from Cojup valley, using Perolcocha lake’s shore 4650m as a camp base, previous to get there we do Quilcayhuanca - Cojup, a three days trek carried out only with porters, reaching the summit we see all the mounts around this peak like Ranrapalca, Palcaraju, Tocllaraju, Etc. retrun can be donde for the same way or we can choose to climb down by Ishinca valley that is more interesting.

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Huayhuash circuit & Diablo Mudo mountDiablo Mudo 5350m Cordillera Huayhuash Peru

Diablo Mudo 5350m (Mute devil in English) is an easy peak situated in the Southern part of Cordillera Huayhuash, this climbing is did after to have trekked almost all Huayhuash circuit, from Diablo Mudo’s summit we have the nicest view of the west face of Cordillera Huayhuash formed by Rondoy, Ninasahnca, Hirishanca, Toro, Yerupaja and Rasac peaks. Really an interesting climbing option in Huayhuash circuit.

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Climbing programs

Urus, Ishinca & Tocllaraju mountsIce cave in Ishinca mount and Tocllaraju mount 6632m Cordillera Blanca Peru

Cordillera Blanca offers many options in climbing, but there is one special ravine Ishinca, used as a Camp base from where can be climbed Urus 5490m, Ishinca 5530m and Tocllaraju 6032m. Of course Tocllaraju is the principal goal because is a 6000m peak, for its summit you will see all mountains of the central part of Cordillera Blanca.


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Pisco & ChopicalquiChopicalqui 6354m Cordillera Blanca Peru

Chopicalqui 6354m, is the fourth highest mount in Cordillera Blanca after Huascaran and Huandoy peaks, it is the objective of many climbers who come to this part of the Andes. We offer this climbing tour including Pisco 5750m mount an moderate grading peak. Both peaks are located in the same valley that make them relatively easy to access.

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Alpamayo & QuitarajuAlpamayo 5947m. Cordillera Blanca Peru

In Santa Cruz chain, in the Nothern part of Cordillera Blanca are located two interesting snow covered peaks Alpamayo 5947m considered “The world’s Most beautiful Mountain” in a survey carried out by German Alpinist and Writer Toni Hibelet. In his book “Mountains of our planet” published in 1975 and its neighbor Quitaraju 6036m. These two mounts share the same Base camp to be climbed, that make them a good options for those who look for interesting climbing routes.

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Tocllaraju & ArtesonrajuArtesonraju 6025m Cordillera Blanca Peru

Artesonraju 6025m, is situated in the North part of Cordillera Blanca between Paron and Llanganuco ravines, is a pyramid shape mountain. We offer this climbing tour thinking in experienced climbers, previously we suggest to climb Tocllaraju 6030m a mountain located in Ishinca ravine whose grade is medium and it would help for the acclimatization.


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Pisco, Chopicalqui & HuascaranHuascaran 6768m Cordillera Blanca Peru

The snow capped mountain Huascaran or “Matashraju” in Quechua (Twins snow) has two peaks, its South peak 6768m is the highest in Cordillera Blanca, Peru and fourth highest in South America. Previous to reach the summit of this mount we propose to climb Pisco 5750m an Easy to Medium graded mountain and after Chopicalqui 6354m whose grade is partly technical.

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