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Alpamayo 5947m, The most beautiful mountain in the world, Cordillera Blanca Peru


Located in the Peruvian Andes, it is the biggest glacial of the planet, where is located “Huascarán” (6768 m) which is the highest tropical mountain in the world; and also the most beautiful mountain in the world “Alpamayo” (5947 m ).

This mountain chain spreads along 180 km with direction Northwest - South, reaching in its widest part 28 km; there are about three dozens of peaks that overcome(6000 m) and several dozens that overcome (5700 m); between the most well-known snow covered peaks we have: Huascaran (6768 m) , Alpamayo (5947 m), Huandoy with their four peaks (6395 , 6 356 , 6 166 and 6 070 m), Chacraraju (6112 and 6001 m), Artesonraju (6025 m) and Taulliraju (5850 m), these mountains can be seen during Santa Cruz - Llanganuco circuit. In the central part of Cordillera Blanca we find mounts such as: Taulliraju (6034 m), Chinchay (6222 m), Palcaraju (6274 m), Cayesh (5721 m), Huantsán (6395 m). Also exist small snow-capped mountains like Pastoruri (5240 m), and it is importante beacuse in the same ravine we find the Puya Raimondi, the plant that has the biggest inflorescence in the world.

The existence of these snow-capped mountains give birth to many rivers and streams that water the Callejón de Huaylas and Callejón de Conchucos.

Cordillera Blanca has a great biodiversity, in its area has been registered 112 bird species, between residents and migratories and also have been catalogued 779 species of plants belonging to 104 families and 304 genders; no doubt the Cordillera Blanca is synonymous of Natural beauty.


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